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Software Downloads

There is a lot of software available for downloading on the internet, and it often becomes difficult to sort out what is useful, and what is better left untouched. We have compiled a list of downloads that we feel will be a valuable addition to your software collection. Please help yourself!

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is made available by Adobe at no charge. Reader is used to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files, such as those used on our web site for proofing. Get more information about Adobe Reader, and download the most recent version of Reader from Adobe’s web site by clicking here:
Adobe Reader

Printer Software
If you find that you need to reinstall your PostScript printer software, and your original software is nowhere to be seen, you can get what you need on Adobe’s web site by clicking the links below. Additionally, if you are preparing files for us to output, you will get a more consistent product by using the same printing software as we use on our output device.

File Compression Software
It is always a good idea to compress your files when they are sent across the internet. There are a significant number of compression technologies — here are links to several of the most common file compression software products.
Stuffit Deluxe (Macintosh)
ZipIt (Macintosh)
WinZip (Windows)
PKZip (Windows)

Fonts and Typography
Are you looking to purchase a standard font? Or do you need to find a somewhat odd font? Here are some of the best places to check for commercial, shareware, and free fonts and typography resources.
Adobe Type
Larabie Fonts
Font Bureau

Internet Software
If you are reading this page on your computer, you are already using internet software. Nevertheless, if you feel the craving for more internet software, or want something a little different, click on one of the following links to see other options for internet browsers and email software:
Internet Explorer (Windows)
Firefox (Windows and Macintosh)
Opera (Windows and Macintosh)
Safari (Windows and Macintosh)
Google Chrome (Windows and Macintosh)
Icab (Macintosh)
OmniWeb (Macintosh)

Thunderbird (Windows and Macintosh)
Eudora (Windows and Macintosh)
Windows Live Mail (Windows)

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