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Executive Printing Services | North Kansas City, MO

...Is You!

We are committed through our work to making a positive difference for our customers’ work days. Here are five ways we’ll try to make a “positive difference” for you:

#1. Simplicity – We’ll do everything we can to make the process of buying printing easy. Once you tell us what you want, we hope you’ll be able to “forget about it” until we deliver your job on time, exactly as you asked for it.

#2. Responsiveness – We will respond quickly to all of your questions or inquiries about your printing projects.

#3. Transparency – You’ll receive an up-front, honest answer to every inquiry. Our only agenda is to make you satisfied with your print-buying experience.

#4. Honesty – We’ll provide realistic deadlines and accurate quotes & counts.

#5. Helpful, Friendly Attitudes – If you examine our attitude through the tone of our communications, you will quickly see that we employ people who care about your efforts.
You, our customers, are not an interruption to our work, you are the purpose for our work.

Without you, our jobs and our paychecks wouldn’t be here.

Executive Printing Center/ProPrint Digital
1916 Clay Street
N Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone (816) 361-0250
Fax (816) 361-2913
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